Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

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How do you wash a Splash Blanket?

Wash your Splash Blanketâ„¢ on a normal wash in a warm temperature (20/30
degrees celcuis) adding in your favourite eco washing liquid or powder
and be sure not to use fabric softener. If you wash your blanket on a
delicate or gentle wash, the spin cycle will not wring out all the
water, so we recommend a normal fast wash. If you find yourself with a
stain you can use an eco friendly stain remover and soak for 5 minutes
before throwing it in the wash. We suggest washing your blanket on its
own wash and then tumble dry on a low heat or hang out in the sunshine.

How is the blanket waterproof?

Our blankets are both plush AND practical and can hold up to a litre of
liquid. The waterproof technology is undetectable, yet it works every
time! They are made of polyester fleece, velvety velour with an inner
layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). We also have an organic
bamboo light-weight summer range coming out soon!

What's their life span?

Splash Blanketâ„¢ do not have an official lifespan as it is dependent on how the blanket is washed, dried and cared for, as well as how often it is used. However we estimate that the blanket will remain waterproof for about a year depending on how often you wash your blanket.

Unfortunately not all good things last forever, so you may notice your blanket becoming less waterproof after a year or so. General wear and tear is to be expected since the blanket will be
regularly washed and dried due to accumulating liquids such as body
fluids, oils & lubricants, which may make the blanket less effective over time.

How do I dry the blanket?

Your Splash Blanketâ„¢ can go in the dryer or hang up outdoors on a
clothes line or indoors on a clothes horse. Similar to a bath towel, if
you would like to keep your blanket fluffy we recommend drying in the
dryer on a low-medium heat (rather than high). The larger blankets may
take a while to dry on the clothes hanger especially if you live in a
cooler climate and don't have access to a clothes line with direct

Can I put my blanket in the dryer?

Yes you can, although for the best results and longevity we encourage you to dry it on the line where possible.

Are they vegan?

Yes, completely! We're here to support your animals, not harm any. We will also be releasing vegan, organic bamboo range in a summer style blanket so watch this space!

What colours and sizes do they come in?

These velvety soft waterproof blankets come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. Currently we have ten different colours in three different sizes including small round or square (40x40 inches), medium rectangle (50x80 inches) and large (2x2m) in round and square. We release new colours every quarter!

Why does my pet steal my blanket?

Our pets, especially dogs and cats, are naturally drawn to soft plush surfaces to curl up on and go to sleep, so you'll likely want an extra blanket for your four legged friends as in our experience they become a little too fond and can be quite the "blanket thief."

Are the blankets ideal for pet incontinence or toilet training?

A Splash Blanketâ„¢ is a wonderful accompaniment to help with those toilet training puppies or kitten accidents, as well as to support and nurture older animals who perhaps struggle with incontinence or want some extra coziness and support.

Help, my blanket is leaking. What do I do

Unfortunately not all good things last forever and since Splash Blanket has a warranty of 12 months, we cannot replace your blanket after this period. If your blanket is leaking before this period, there could be multiple reasons why, such as a tear in the waterproof layer (hello cats claws or cheeky dog bites) or general wear & tear from washing or drying. We recommend doing some spot checks with water to see if there is one particular area experiencing the leakage or the whole blanket. We require an email with video footage of the leak in order to replace. 

What are the different sizes?

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